November 15, 2016

Wishlist: Women's Outerwear & Jackets

Winter arrived pretty quickly this year. The crisp cold air in Estonia has us piling on our fuzziest and warmest fashion outerwear already. It's crazy to think that there will be 4 more months of this kind of weather ahead and I only have one coat to wear! Obviously, it's time to do some window shopping again, since I'll probably grow tired of wearing the same coat all the time soon.

Hooded Drawstring Zips Fleece Lined Coat

I don't wear a lot of color, so black and army green are pretty much the only acceptable color choices when it comes to women's outerwear. I also kinda like pale pink, though!

Single Breasted Lapel Plain Coat

Apart from coats there are also lots of trendy fashion jackets you could wear to change up your look. My favourites are the ones that come with faux fur collars. By the way, I’m a big supporter of both: faux fur and faux leather. Not only are we sparing the lives of so many animals, it’s also good for our wallet! The leather jacket you see below is actually under $40!

Trendy Fur Collar With Zips Jackets

Oversized women's jackets are really cool too, because you could also wear them with a belt! Belting your jackets can definitely give you more shape and instantly turn a normal or even a casual outfit into something completely different.

Lapel Denim With Pockets Patchwork Jacket

 Lastly, if you are also looking to purchase affordable and cute fall/winter outerwear for women, you can count on FashionMia to stock the most fashionable jackets and coats at an incrdible price.

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  1. wow, the pink coat is cute. Perfect for the winter. We can wear it to cover our wedding dresses or evening dresses.