November 29, 2016

Cheap Short Wedding Dresses from Amandadress

There's nothing better than an unique wedding dress. Your wedding day is such a special moment in your life, celebrating it in a gown that reflects who you are at your core makes it all the more magical.

Have you ever considered wearing a short wedding dress on your big day? Well, you should! Short wedding dresses have become more and more popular lately. It might be non-traditional, but it’s perfect for the bride who just wants to dance, twirl and show off her legs and shoes. What is more, you will have an unique wedding dress, because most women choose to wear a long wedding dress instead.

If you love the idea of wearing a short dress on your big day, you can find many gorgeous cheap short wedding dresses Australia from Amandadress. Here are some of my favourite dresses from their website:

Short/Mini Appliques Backless All Sizes Chic & Modern Summer Natural A-line Wedding Dress

November 18, 2016

Change Your Look Easily With Wigs or Hair Extensions!

Have you ever thought about dying your hair a crazy color like blue, green, violet or pink? I have. I think about it pretty often, but never actually do it, because I'm afraid of damaging my hair. What is more, I'm slightly afraid since you never really know what the outcome would be like!

However, that doesn't mean I've ruled out colorful hair for good. Not at all! In fact, I've discovered a far more convenient way to change the color of my hair: gettin myself a lace front wig! They come in lots of adorable colors that are super hard to achieve otherwise, such as pastel green and purple.

November 15, 2016

Wishlist: Women's Outerwear & Jackets

Winter arrived pretty quickly this year. The crisp cold air in Estonia has us piling on our fuzziest and warmest fashion outerwear already. It's crazy to think that there will be 4 more months of this kind of weather ahead and I only have one coat to wear! Obviously, it's time to do some window shopping again, since I'll probably grow tired of wearing the same coat all the time soon.

Hooded Drawstring Zips Fleece Lined Coat

November 7, 2016

Summer Wedding Inspiration from

If you are planning to get married in summer 2017, it's about time to get your bridesmaid dresses ordered. Purchasing your bridesmaids' dresses online is a good idea if you have a lot of bridesmaids and want to save some money. offers many beautiful yet affordable pastel colored chiffon dresses that would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Elegant A-line Sweetheart Chiffon with Flower(s) Lavender Bridesmaid Dress

October 30, 2016

10 Stunning Wedding Dresses Under $300 From

There's no need to sacrifice fashion just because you are on a budget. It's still possible to find a gorgeous yet inexpensive wedding dress from Dressfashion. Here are 10 of my favourite dresses under $300 from their affordable wedding dress collection.

1. White Square Neckline Tulle Appliques Lace Ball Gown Nice Wedding Dress - $238.27

October 25, 2016

Short Human Hair Wigs And Why You Should Try One

I know that a lot of women, including me, are afraid of cutting their hair. Obviously, a little change would be fun, however hair takes so long to grow back. What if I will miss my beautiful long hair? That is what I always think.

Thankfully, there is a way to try out short hair without cutting your own - wigs! Short human hair wigs would be the best option for that as they look better and more natural than cheap fake ones. What is more, you can also change the style of your human hair wig with heat tools or hair dye, which gives you even more options and versatility.

Therefore, I want to introduce you a good website to buy wigs from:  By selling exclusively via the internet, they minimize the cost of operation, which means their customers can save more money when shopping online and don't have to break the bank on a single wig.

12 Inches Wavy 120% Lace Front Cap Human Hair

When it comes to wigs, you should look at them as a fun addition to your wardrobe. Wigs are the easiest way to change your look in a matter of seconds, and frankly speaking, not enough people consider wigs as an option. Thankfully, more and more women are beginning to embrace the type of quick versatility that comes with a wig.

Have you ever worn a wig before? Let me know!

October 2, 2016

Wishlist: Midi Formal Dresses

Whether you are ready for it or not, fall is definitely here and the party season is right around the corner. Why not bring in some early holiday cheer and start planning your party outfits already? Too soon? Well maybe, but I love doing some online window shopping! 

What is more, every girl knows that you can never have too many dresses. Midi formal dresses are perfect for any occasion and look sultry yet sophisticated at the same time. Here are some of my favourite pieces from StyleWe.

September 22, 2016

Home Decor Ideas: 9 Beautiful Industrial Chandeliers

I've been seeing industrial chandeliers all over the internet lately (but mostly on Pinterest!), so I decided to put together an inspirational home decor post to showcase some of these gorgeous statement pieces I've been lusting after. Hopefully, this will be helpful to those of you, who share my admiration for modern industrial design.

September 1, 2016

First Communion Dresses

I have previously posted about where to find cheap wedding and bridesmaid dresses online. However, there are way more events you might need a gorgeous yet inexpensive dress for! For example, your daughter's first communion.

August 26, 2016

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses from

Charming A-Line Sweetheart Knee-Length Convertible Zipper-Up Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dresses are an essential part of a wedding and finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids is definitely one of the most challenging decisions of planning a wedding. After all, you need to find a set of beautiful bridesmaid dresses that suit all of your bridesmaids, but at the same time, won't outshine the bride.

However, at shopping for bridesmaid dresses is easy, because they provide a huge variety of different colors and you can also get all the dresses custom made to suit the body type and measurements of each of your bridesmaid. You can choose from different fabrics, colors and designs and they also sell both long and short bridesmaid dresses.